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For teaching retreats, unless otherwise noted, the fee does not include a Deercc for the teachings. Before you register, please read about this spiritual practice, which supports our Céile Dé teachers.

    • 03/03/2022
    • 3:00 PM
    • 03/06/2022
    • 2:00 PM
    • St Francis Springs Prayer Center, Stoneville, NC

    Celestial Waterfall Garden at St Francis Springs Prayer Center

    The Shape of a Céile Dé Teaching Retreat

    Céile Dé annual in-person teaching retreats are designed to be intense, deliberately so, in order to create conditions that people are generally unable to manifest by themselves at home and in their everyday lives. Our hope is that this environment will foster a greater ability to recognize one's habitual patterns and to absorb and respond to that which is transmitted in and with the teachings -- and that some of those effects will travel home with each retreatant. Typically:

    • Days begin with meditation before breakfast.
    • During the morning and afternoon, several hour-long sessions are devoted to teachings and to sharing insights and experiences related to the teachings, with breaks for silent reflection in between.
    • We try to locate our retreats at venues with extensive grounds and include time in each day's schedule to engage with Nature, God's first scripture.
    • There is another meditation or some other spiritual practice at midday and again before dinner.
    • Usually, there is some free time after dinner, followed by optional evening sessions that give retreatants the choice to rest a little -- or stay engaged.
    • Every day ends with a meditation around 9 pm, after which we go straight to bed, in the Great Silence, and hope for rich dreams after a day filled with soul nourishment.
    We aim to hold silence at all times outside of sessions. 

    Our annual gathering is a ‘Teaching Retreat’, because it is residential, the teaching sessions are supported by contemplative practices throughout the day, and a peaceful silence is held at all times between teaching sessions and meals in order to support absorption of the powerful energies transmitted during teachings and practices. Please read about The Gift of Silence at Céile Dé Teaching Retreats.

    St. Francis Springs Prayer Center
    We are delighted to return in 2022 to this modern retreat center on 140 wooded acres, about 30 miles north of Greensboro, North Carolina. All rooms have private baths, mostly ensuite; we will take our meals in the main dining hall. For more information about St. Francis Springs, including driving directions, you can visit http://www.stfrancis.today.
    Outdoor chapel at St Francis Springs Prayer Center
    Ongoing Community 
    Newcomers will have the opportunity for ongoing study and spiritual practice within existing Céile Dé groups that offer a powerful container for those who seek a path that invites commitment and openness to real inner change.

    Before You Register

    As we learn to live with a pandemic, each one of us is called upon to discern our own way forward, in the light of what feels right for us and our families. This means that there are additional factors that you will need to consider BEFORE you register. Please take the time to read our Terms & Conditions and digest them thoroughly.

    Registration & Payment Information

    Places are limited, and a wait list is currently in operation. If you wish to register for either a single or shared room, please add your name to the wait list for singles, and we will contact you. If available, shared rooms require that both parties name each other as roommates.

    Your registration fee covers your own accommodations and the cost of travel and accommodations for an ordained Céile Dé teacher. A separate offering for the teachings themselves -- called Deercc in the Céile Dé tradition -- is expected from each retreatant at the conclusion of the retreat. For more information, please see Deercc: A Spiritual Practice ~ The Ancient Art of Giving.

    Payment by mail:

    1. Register here online and choose Invoice Me. (Do not follow the link to online payment.) You will receive an invoice by email.

    2. Print out the invoice and mail it with your check to:

      Termonn - East Coast Chapter
      c/o Melinda Gardiner
      162 North Mountain Road
      Copake Falls, NY 12517

      Make the check payable to Termonn - East Coast Chapter. Be sure to write "2022 SE Teaching Retreat" in the memo line of your check.
    3. Your deposit and any other payments will be applied to your invoice.

    4. Your balance is due by January 15 and can be paid by mail or online. 
    Payment online: You can register and pay the total amount using a credit or debit card through PayPal. Complete your registration online, and then continue to the payments page by clicking the Pay Online button. (Sorry, but we can accept only full payments, not partial payments, via PayPal.)

    Cancellation Policy: Cancellations received before January 15 will receive refunds of the amount paid, minus the $100 deposit. No refund will be made for cancellations after January 15, unless we can fill your place. Please see the Terms & Conditions for more details on the cancellation policy.

    Scholarships: Scholarships for retreat registration costs (but not for travel expenses or deercc) are available as Termonn Trust funds allow. Be sure to register and pay your deposit by December 15 and follow the instructions on the Scholarships page on this website. 

    Donations to Termonn Trust
    If you can afford it, please consider donating to the Termonn Trust to help others in need attend this teaching retreat. 

    More Information
    For more information about the retreat, email ceilede.retreats@gmail.com   

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