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    • 10/20/2021
    • 2:00 PM (PDT)
    • 10/24/2021
    • 12:00 PM (PDT)
    • St Andrew's House Retreat Center
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    Northwest Céile Dé Teaching Retreat

    It has been difficult to know the best way forward, and none of us can tell what the situation will be in October. In the end, The NW Térmonn Officers Committee have all agreed that we will have an in person retreat this year and work on a plan of safety and well-being for our attending caimeachs and guests. The COVID-19 protocol will be proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours of the retreat.

    Oíde Sue Mosher will be joining us again at St Andrews bringing material that she and Sr. Fionn have selected for us.

    Céile Dé annual residential teaching retreats are intensive, deliberately so, in order to create conditions that people are generally unable to manifest by themselves at home and in their everyday lives. This also gives people who are following the tradition an opportunity to receive sufficient material to work with until their next annual teaching retreat...

    • Days begin with meditation before breakfast.
    • Generally, there are two sessions of around one hour's duration every morning, with a break between for silent reflection. Afternoons are a similar shape, but there is more time available to spend in quite reflection, either in Nature or indoors, as you wish. 
    • There is another meditation, or some other spiritual practice, before dinner.
    • There is usually some free time after dinner - but optional events are available, giving retreatants the choice to rest a little - or stay intense!
    • Every day ends with a meditation around 9 pm, after which we go straight to bed and hope for rich dreams after a day filled with soul nourishment.

    We aim to hold silence at all times outside of sessions. 
    Our annual gathering is a ‘Teaching Retreat’, because it is residential, the teaching sessions are supported by frequent contemplative practices, and because a peaceful silence is held at all times between teaching sessions in order to aid absorption of the powerful energies transmitted during teachings and practices. You can read more about the culture of silence at our teaching retreats HERE.

    St Andrew's House Retreat Center

    For more information about St Andrew's House including directions, accommodations, meals, dietary needs, and FAQ, please click https://www.saintandrewshouse.org/

    Ongoing Community 

    Newcomers will have the opportunity to consider further, ongoing teachings and practices within groups in both WA and OR, that will offer a powerful container for those who seek a path that invites commitment and openness to real inner change.

    Registration & Payment Information

    1. Registration By Mail or
    2. Register here online, but do not follow the link to pay online. You will receive an invoice by email. 
    3. Print out the invoice and mail it immediately with your $100 deposit by  September 6, along with a copy of your COVID-19 Vaccination card 
    4. Your COVID-19 Vaccination card can also be scanned or emailed to Stacy Holybee seabhean@gmail.com
    5. Please make checks out to "NW Térmonn". Be sure to write "2021 Teaching Retreat" in the memo line of your check.
    6. Your deposit and any other payments will be applied to your invoice

    Mail checks and vaccination records to: 

    Carol Kenagy

    63248 Rossby St.

    Bend, OR 97703

    • Your deposit and any other payments will be applied to your invoice.
    • You are not officially registered until we receive your deposit.  
    • Your balance is due by October 1 and can be paid by mail or online.

      Online Registration

      You can also register and click the "Pay Online" button to pay the total amount using a credit or debit card via PayPal (Alas, you cannot make partial payments via PayPal at this time).

      Please Note: Unless you communicate with Carol, our Chapter Treasurer, if we do not receive your full payment by the deadline, your registration may be removed and someone else may take your place. Accommodation is possible on a case-by-case basis if you communicate your situation to the Chapter Treasurer.

      Scholarships: Scholarships for retreat registration costs (but not for travel expenses) are available as Térmonn Trust funds allow. Be sure to pay your deposit by mail by September 6 and follow the instructions on the Scholarships page on this website. 

       Cancellation and Refund Policy: Please be certain that you are committed to attending this retreat before you register. Your $100 deposit is not refundable, and if the deposit is not paid in a timely manner, we reserve the right to offer your place to someone else. Cancellations received before or on September 6 will receive refunds of the amount paid, minus the $100 deposit, only if we are able to fill your place with another retreatant. No refund will be made for cancellations after September 6.

      Donations to Térmonn Trust: If you can afford it, please consider donating to the Térmonn Trust to help others in need attend this teaching retreat.  

      More Information: For more information about the retreat, email Miriam: nwtermonn@gmail.com.

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